Albatross Spa

Albatross Spa

50% increase in sales from previous year

Kr. 90 000 increase in gift card sales in December 2019 from 2018

35% increase in Facebook followers

300% increased in newsletter subscribers from (498 to 1,466)

92% increase in social media traffic to website

26% increase in conversions from organic traffic

Albatross Spa

Katie Evans Lothe

Vy er fantastisk! Meget oppgående og dyktig i sitt fag. Arbeidet Vy har gjort for oss har resultert i synlige, målbare resultater, samt økt salg. Vi gir henne våre varmeste anbefalinger og ser frem til videre samarbeid.

The project

Albatross Spa is small spa located in the heart of Sveio, Norway which is 20 minutes away from the nearest big city. When I joined Albatross Spa their challenges included visibility, discoverability, and accessibility. Many people in the area did not know they were there or what they offered. After a 1.5 years with the spa, I turned this cozy facility into an exclusive spa experience in Sveio Norway. Guests drove from Stavanger, a city 2 hours away, just to experience the spa.

Photography and video

Quality photos and videos were extra important for Albatross Spa because I wanted to position them as an exclusive spa experience. Good visuals helped me show followers and potential customers what the experience is like. I wanted the audience to be able to picture themselves at spa.

Community partnerships

I connected Albatross Spa with other businesses in the community. I brought in Frøken Magnolia who arranged flower decorations for the spa. I coordinated to have cupcakes from Jåblom Bakst at Albatross Spa. I also created a system for Noor by M to sell giftcards for Albatross Spa during the Christmas season in their shop, which is located in Haugesunds Sentrum. This opened up a new channel for giftcard sales. All these connections also gave Albatross Spa a presence in Haugesund which is the closest large metropolitan area.

Design work