To Glass

A little backstory

When COVID regulations were passed, which prohibited restaurants from having guests, the owner switched to a daily takeaway menu. It was our job to make this option clear and enticing for the followers. We are excited to report that the tapas menu sold out two weekends in a row during this period!

To Glass

John Lohne

Det å bruke Vy Strategy er en fordel for en liten lokal virksomhet som To Glass. Mens vi fokuserer på å tilby den beste kvaliteten på mat og service som vi kan, jobber Vy for å sikre at den samme kvaliteten er representert i vår markedsføring. Hun er en effektiv og rimelig løsning for små bedrifter, og jeg anbefaler henne på det sterkeste.

Social media

We transformed To Glass’ social media profile to reflect the high-quality dining experience they provide in their restaurant. Their current profile has a consistent look and feel that is on brand while communicating valuable information for their followers. On the left was what their profile used to look like and the screenshot in the middle is the new look. The screenshot on the right shows how we displayed their daily menu when they closed due to COVID restrictions, and were offering takeout instead.