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Floating Wind Conference


When Norwegian Offshore Wind put on their international Floating Wind Conference in 2022, they hired Vy Strategy to help plan, coordinate, and manage the event. The conference was part of a bigger strategy to strengthen Norway’s position in the renewable energy sector and, specifically, in the offshore wind industry.


We helped coordinate over 40 speakers, in 3 locations, over the span of 2 days. Leading up to the event, Vy Strategy took charge of the marketing and communications of the event, event coordination and, of course, making sure the conference ran like clockwork on the big day.


To our delight, the expected 200 attendees/participants turned into over 300 tickets sold. In addition, we are so proud of the glowing feedback we received from the event participants. Success! “The most well organized event I have ever attended” said one participant in the survey that was sent out following the event. With this, Norwegian Offshore Wind’s goals for the event were met, and a strong foundation was set for next year’s conference.