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Why (we do it)

Wolfgang Ognøy, the founder of Kystvind, came to us when he realized he needed to strengthen his brand in the region. His company was born out of a passion for stage production and sound tech and this shows in every project he delivers. We wanted to convey his skills and passion to the market, and make him an in-demand stage producer in the region.

How (we did it)

We created a social media strategy, and got him a new logo, brand identity, and website. With these tools we shortened the journey from when the customer discovers his company to finding out if his services fit their needs. His social media strategy focused on quality content and relevant messaging to encourage a connection with his audience. A new logo and website was created to make Kystvind memorable and accessible.

What (was the result)

Ultimately, this streamlining resulted in an increase in demand. As the community reopened after COVID, Kystvind was ready to catch all the opportunities with events and gatherings coming back at full force.