A little backstory

Monica from NOOR by M and Vy from Vy Strategy are both from “out of town,” but they landed in Haugesund with a desire to serve the community with their passions. For Monica, it’s fashion and for Vy, it’s marketing, and serving customers is their business. It was an honor to deliver this solution for another female entrepreneur.

Noor By M

Monica Stene

Vy Strategy kan på det sterkeste anbefales! Direkte, målrettet og nøye. Utrulig dyktig i sitt fag 🏆


While Hagen Solutions built the website and connected the webshop to the cash register system – Vy focused on creating content around the visitor’s experience of the brand. This included messaging, photos, sitemap, and layout based on strategy, the industry, and the customer’s goals.

The project

NOOR By M is a popular women’s clothing store in the heart of Haugesund with a large following on social media. When COVID closed their shop doors the owner, Monica, worked with us to strengthen their strategy. We decided that due to the growing demand for online shopping NOOR By M needed a website with a webshop, and a product catalog that would allow her to tag products on social media. We worked with Hagen Solutions to deliver these. We focused on creating a look and online shopping experience that matched the brand Monica built. Her store was popular because it was upscale and on trend, and we made sure her website reflected this.

Photo styling