Marius Selsø Håkonsen

I have the luxury to choose who I want to work with, and I LOVE working with Vy and her team. As a founder it’s sometimes difficult to “let go” and let somebody else in to work on your strategy, but with Vy it felt perfectly natural. She finds the perfect balance between aligning to our vision and at the same time bringing the outside perspective and her own background and skills into the discussions. And most important of all – once we agree on the road ahead – she gets stuff done! Going forward we’ll also expand our partnership and work on more brands together.

Why (we did what we did)

From the beginning, we knew we wanted Gründerloftet to be more than just a coworking office. Marius Selsø Håkonsen, the CEO, created a safe space for founders to pursue their vision and, ultimately, help entrepreneurs thrive in the Rogaland region of Norway. We wanted to build a community of (and for) founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. So, together we created a strategy to encourage and attract founders and their businesses.

How (we did what we did)

Using social media effectively, we gained visibility, strengthened our brand, and connected with the community at large. Behind what people saw on social media was a content strategy that included putting forth their values and successes, and making people in Gründerloftet visible. We did this with quality photos and video, all produced by loft members!

What (was the result)

Following our first year, we saw that our strategy was a success. The right people came to us without using any paid advertising or other forms of push marketing. As we grew and evolved, our community has taken a sharper focus on tech.

Vy Strategy not only helped to grow the community, but we are also proud to be part of it. You will find our office at Gründerloftet.